.003 Private personal databook journal  
06:32am 06/02/2008
Jamie Lynn Tay-Tawa [Morgona West]
I had another dream. Heard them screaming and snarling; some broke out. And then started attacking the crew, and my friends, eating them. And I heard her voice; in the distance. But I couldn’t find her. I couldn’t keep the Alliance from killing her. The one truest thing I ever had, person that loved me for me... not my brain or pretty face, or even my ability to fly the swiftest birds. I loved her I think. I wished I could have helped her more, why didn’t I help her more. I’m a coward, it’s why I ran. I miss my mother. Girl on ship, a Companion, said she thought she knew my mother. But then wouldn’t she know Morgona wasn’t her daughter. That Jamie was her daughter. Unless she was meaning after I left, after rather I was taken. I can’t believe it’s taken me all these years to realize my father, and grandfather was using me. But my mother, she loved me. And I didn’t get to say goodbye. Oh, if I don’t change the subject I might cry. Cry about it all. I don’t even know what I’m doing. I’ll be caught, I’m sure of it. It’s why I shouldn’t even keep this. But I have to write it somewhere. I have to let out. Or else I might go mad. I hate pretending not to be me. The other woman, my roommate, she and this ship’s pilot were talking about ships and the firefly and I wanted to speak, to join in. But I can’t. I think I’ll try to sleep again. Listen to the soft hum of Serenity. Pretend I’m back at the Guild House. I never appreciated it, did I?
mood: scared scared
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.002 Private personal databook journal  
12:25am 16/01/2008
Jamie Lynn Tay-Tawa [Morgona West]
I incoherently woke up this morning. I hadn't any idea where I had been; at first. Then as I glance around I realized. It was the smooth humming of the firefly engine. This one, Serenity, she sounds exciting. In a well kept manner. It was weird I got to thinking. And what if I stayed on, not jump ship this time. I could assist in any mechanical duties. I'm hell of a engineer, not the best... I'm a better pilot by far. But I got a good assortment of useful skills. Then my brain clicked in, telling me that I couldn't stick around. Folk are going to realize I'm missing soon enough. Then there is going to be hell to pay. I can't just walk away, not when I belong to the Alliance. Because really I do... I see that's why my father ever wanted anything to do with me. He knew I was brilliant, and he wanted to use me. I'm sick of that life. But I don't know if running will be any better. I wish I could just tell somebody. Anybody... anybody that would believe my side and not call the feds. Hell I use to be called to pick up prisoners and ship them to various places including those damn forsaken underground facilities. I don't want to be shipped away. Not ever! I hate what my life has become.
mood: angry angry
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Cortex Journal- Public: New Ship  
12:23am 16/01/2008
Jamie Lynn Tay-Tawa [Morgona West]
This new crew is interesting. I'm not entirely sure how long I'll be staying, all depends. You know? But I'm free traveling, and this should be fun. Fun, haa. Right the lard one is a little too noisy for my liking. Not really in any particular manner. Knowing a name really isn't anything... well it is... but still. I don't like him. Least he seems to be dumber than most, he has got to be from some backwater moon... But the mechanic, she's cute.

I have nothing else to really say, I hope the rest of you out there are enjoying yourselves; life, happiness, and all those lovely ideas.

mood: bored bored
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.001 Private personal databook journal  
12:20am 16/01/2008
Jamie Lynn Tay-Tawa [Morgona West]
About time to be moving on I think. May have already been here too long, and we don’t want that do we. Trying not to think to far ahead, but kind of have to at the very same time. Last two ships that carried along were nice. Managed to stay to myself, mostly not to cause a scene. Course the gentleman always like a little dancing and that’s what you got to do when you’re a dancer such as myself. That’s what I do, dance. Going to start looking for a new ship to board, not anything fancy. Can’t be. Plus maybe I can wander upon a faraway rock and stay out of sight for a good long while.
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Ooc mention  
12:14am 16/01/2008
Jamie Lynn Tay-Tawa [Morgona West]
This journal is being used for [info]_burntheland_. If you want to join Miss Tay-Tawa West, please go to [info]tehsignal. All application and game info is in that journal. All entries found in here are in a digital journal on a databook being kept in game by Jamie Morgona. Any replies would be in-game by any of the other characters actually typing in it or hacking into it. If you want to plot that... that's fine just make sure we figure out how the other character got a hold of the databook and how he/she broke the security program. She's also keeping a Cortex journal under her false name, and then of course she has a real one. But doubt she'll use it anytime soon.

Amy- AKA Jamie/Morgona's Mun
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Character Sheet  
12:10am 16/01/2008
Jamie Lynn Tay-Tawa [Morgona West]
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